Paris is the starting point of this adventure. A little girl was born, carrying a light that will guide her throughout a journey. Had she only known all that awaited!

Very young, Muna, whose name means "child" in Duala, leaves France, her birth place to set foot in Canada. In 1985, her parents union unfortunately dies and the youngest of three children flies into exile with her father and brother in Cameroon, her country of origin.

During her time on African soil, Muna absorbs the rich cultural values ??inherited from her ancestors, fishermen by profession, from the island of Malimba. They’re animated by hope, courage, perseverance and communication values ??reflected by the color blue, which Muna is particularly fond of.

Muna studied in business administration and joins the orchestra of her college and quickly becomes its lead singer. On two occasions, she wins the title of Best performer of Douala, in 1990 and 1991. Her ascension is clear and communion with the audience establishes easily.

In 1992, the new national golden voice, however, choses to return to live in Canada and, pursues her studies in communication at University of Montreal. She thereafter applies her knowledge in that field by working for various organizations.

Five years later, the passion for singing and music still rooted in her fibers, Muna founds with friends the band Sunroots, in which she composed and performed songs with African, Caribbean and Cuban rhythms. The same year, Muna gives birth to a beautiful baby boy who becomes a living source of inspiration. In 1998, Muna goes on a pilgrimage to Cameroon and returns to Canada with a vibrant desire to revive her heritage passed by those who preceded her then and share it. In this perspective, she began a solo career in 1999 and stormed the "world" music scene in Canada.

Her career blooms in the summer of 2002 as she was awarded the "Best Newcomer 2002 musical" at the gala of Montreal Torches Africa. Muna is also invited to sing in front of 200 000 people at the big event orchestrated by the Francofolies de Montreal, The Great African fiesta, in which she is presented as "new revelation of the music world who has made the fastest ascent on the Afro-Québec stage. " In August 2002, Muna Mingole sings for Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Ottawa. Journalists quickly give her the singular nickname "Blue Flame" for the electrifying charisma she exudes on stage and her favorite color.

After multiple studio work, often assisted by her son Yannick, the inspiring presence of the young Yannick and Muna’s perseverance have paid off, in the fall of 2004, Muna released her first album, DIPITA, which means "HOPE." The outcome is a body of work reflecting the emotions and aspirations of the singer and her performances: a concentration of the aspects of life, swirling with love, joy, sorrows, and hope.

The Artist graces several scenes throughout Quebec, Canada and Europe. Her live performances are very noticeable and leave none indifferent. At each show, the magic operates: an ode to grace, during which the whole body expresses the rhythms offered by Muna in her songs. Adorned with African Tunics of shimmering colors, armed with a powerful warm and sunny voice, driven by vibrant energy, the Blue Flame ignites the stage and captivates. The public is invited to a fiesta of a thousand flavors and colors. Her music is a happy mix of traditional rhythms from Cameroon Makossa, Bikutsi and the other African delights, which are bathed in powerful percussions from West Africa, to which are sometimes added musical influences of South Africa, Jazz and Muna’s Afro Soul melodies. As musical ingredients, Muna adds the guitar played as did her ancestors, bass, drums, flutes and sometimes piano.

These achievements are highlighted by her appointment to the Gala “Grand Prix Heritage Expression du Quebec”, where she received the Award "Emerging Artist 2004". In May 2005, the album is entirely remixed at Studio Piccolo in Montreal. Muna decides to give a new impetus to Dipita by giving it a more acoustic feel, and by having her son Yannick sing in her lullaby "Ko iyo".

In November 2005, another appointment decorates Muna. The album "Dipita" was nominated for the 2005 Canadian Urban Music Award, in the category "Best Sound Recording - Music World" and a few months later, Muna is nominated for the 2006 Gala of the Canadian Independent Music Awards in the category "Favorite Artist - World Music."

The sense of responsibility she has developed while she was still a student in high school, allows her to become a wonderful businesswoman. Muna combines music and business successfully and runs the Salon Black Beauty, since 2006. Muna takes a musical break in 2008 to give birth to her second boy, little Barack, during the inauguration of President Obama.

In 2013, Muna decides to return to the studio to reunite with her audience. What’s in store, new musical themes inspired by her multi-talented career.

The Blue Flame continues her path to ignite bonfires and bring happiness to the people encountered!

Ko Iyo


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